How to begin Using your gift.

Today we going to talk about “Finding your gift” Once you have “discover your gift” it becomes very important that learn how to go about using that gift.  I’ve said before that once we are here on this planet to find our gift and then, beginning to use that gift.  I know it sounds pretty simple, begin using your gift, something like that, but there’s a lot of people that once they find out their gift, find it difficult to move from that place.

You would think that once they’ve located their gift, that they would be excited to get right into it but believe me I’ve met many people that become somewhat paralyzed with their, approach or just paralyze because they are overthinking but when you dig deeper, they are paralyzed because of fear.  Paralyzed because it makes you vulnerable to step outside of their comfort zone.

As began to discover you gift and find out what your gift is why let someone’s opinion of you or that they wouldn’t understand, what you’re doing what you’re about to do this is their problem. To be honest, it’s not your problem because each and every one of us have our own gift and it is our responsibility to find what it is and how to use it.

Many times, its someone else with a keen mind and spirit that notices your gift and try mention that the see this or that in you and they try to guide or help to develop you in order for you to begin using that gift. Maybe it was a parent, grandparent, friend or one of our many teachers that enter our lives.

In the book Threads of Enlightenment, the co-author Radhe make this profound statement “our gift is not something that we actually use, but rather it’s something that uses us”. WOW, let that sink into your soul. You will come to the same conclusion as I did, that it is so powerful. Let you gift begin to start using you, surrender all your fears and trust that your gift will protect your vulnerability from all that want you to fail.

Once you begin to move from that space, of fear to appraise a faith where you’re allowing your higher self to begin to guide you beyond your comfort zone. I tell people all the time “living from your purpose will always make you purposeful”.

Do you know why people are critical because they haven’t started their journey or anything. They’re just critical, they’re critical of their life, and because they are critical of their life, they become critical of yours. Let’s face it, many of those people don’t even know what their gifts are.

They haven’t even thought about or asked the questions you did to discover yours. The advice that I give everyone is take a step and another and another, while they’re saying to you, no, no, no, no, no, no, say within yourself yes, yes and keep moving towards your desired goal. Know that you will always have those kinds of people that will always disagree with you, but who cares to be honest, who really cares?

People that are on their journey of personal growth and self-development will always support you try and find those kind people to help encourage you from time to time because you may sometimes feel alone on that road of development but let me be the first to say that they’re many out here just like you. Your gift will take you to places and you will meet people that will continue to cause you to look deeper and causes you to be uncomfortable enough to keep you from being stagnant. Remember your journey is your journey, not your wife, husband, best friend, mother, father or anyone else. Its very special its yours and your special one of a kind. If you look at people who are very critical is because they’re looking at some else’s journey and making decision.

Let’s look at a perfect example, of someone not listening to what other people say Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln ran for office so many times that he lost in all this kind of races but imagine if he had listened to people what a different place America would be today.

You know, what about the founding fathers when they got together to put a document together called the Constitution of the United States what if they had listened to the naysayers who had gathered and told them no, they can’t do that. What a different place America would have been today.

What about Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, all of these personalities, if they had listened to other people and that, you know, step out and do an operate from their gift. I can’t even imagine what the world would be like today.


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