Finding and Discovering your gift

Discovering your gifts is mainly your responsibility as an individual, especially if you’re pursuing personal growth and development. Many of us have lived our lives without ever knowing what that gift is and how to live from it and how it can help us to obtain peace of mind, joy and all the other things that comes as a result of living from there.

Whenever I talk to people about discovering their gift, they immediately begin to talk about one of their talents. Don’t get me wrong talents are important to recognize but in most cases that’s not the person’s gift. It is my hope that I can help you to begin the process of discovery of their gift.

Most people would look at any famous athlete, or performers and mistake their talent as their gift. Michael Jordan many would say call a gifted player, and some would look at many of the famous musicians operate from their gift but I’m here to tell you that not everyone that plays basketball is gifted in playing basketball, and the same goes for some performers about singing and performing. People can be gifted in so many different things, but we tend to just focus on sports and so forth, but they’re very gifted businessmen and women out there.

When you speak to a person who is aware of their gift and is doing it, there’s this joy the permeate from them as they open their mouth to speak in whatever they do. There’s a tangible excitement, a special energy emanates from them, the only way that you can express it is simply joy, passion.

There’s a passion. It’s my belief that everyone have a gift and we need to truly search deep within ourselves to find it. Let me give you some examples from both sport and entertainment. Michael Jackson is a perfect example, he was one of the most talented people that we knew but his gift was performing, his gift was, he was a performer. Prince was another example.

I used to say it to my children close your eyes and picture yourself you’re the richest person on the planet. What would you do? And of course, they would say what most of us would say.  I’ll spend this and buy that, the accumulation of stuff, but I would instruct them to look deeper than just that, that’s surface stuff. What would you do with your time? What would, make you happy? Where’s your passion?

Those are the types of questions that I asked them and caused them to dig deeper. Today my sons are doing their passion. I would say to them, “find your passionate and be passionate about it”.

I would also tell them, if you want to be a garbage man be passionate about it and learn how to be the best that you can find out how you can utilize your gift of loving to deal with garbage as a garbage man. How can you sustain your family and yourself to a place where you can, you can enjoy yourself and be joyous. One of the things that I would say is that “the time you spend in this world not looking for your gift is only a lifetime”.

There’s lots of people out there that haven’t never begun to even consider anything about finding their gift as in the Matrix, many never really unplug.

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