Conquering Damaging Habits

Conquering damaging habits, will continue to be a life journey, as we’re all aware that habits good or bad do govern our lives and produce our lifestyle.  They are what we witness ourselves and how people see you and make judgements because of how we behave. These habits that we have developed which formed the results of our decisions.

I have a saying that, I would tell people “all of our habits good or bad have made us who we are today”.  It is our profession to learn and identify and conquer all damaging habits in our lives. I had to do it in my life, and you will have to do the same. It is a sobering place to have to visit and, deal with all your darkness in your heart a place to be honest with yourself, you actually have to be honest with yourself here in this aspect and in this part of your development.

There are studies out there that shows how our habits damages our brains. I know that you’re familiar with some of those basic habits that we do that as a result damaged brains out there, there’s studies out there, that not eating breakfast, overreacting smoking, high sugar consumption, those are just stuff to affect our brains. And then there are habits that affect our behaviors, these we have to learn how to conquer them.

The word that I use is conquering and conquering has an implication with a meaning to overcome, to be victorious over. And there’s a reason why I said, conquering, I use the term conquering damaging habits because, it’s not like you’re breaking your habit. It’s much more involved in that. And so, you have to learn how to be to judge yourself with love, but with a deep sense of honesty, and recognizing that where you are, in your development stage in your life, and that you want to move on from this particular area in your life.

I recommend taking inventory of life and how you got where you are, what habits and decisions. Ask yourself probing questions such as what caused you to be in this place? Was it a result of hurt?  It is known that things like stress, and boredom, all these types of stuff, help causes, us to develop bad habits. So far those are just surface stuff, I think, but there’s more, you know, there’s a 99% of us, have self-destructive behaviors.

And so, those behaviors came about as a result of those habits, because like I said, your habits will take you to your behaviors and you’re going to behave a certain way, based on your habits. I just wanted to, uh, go in and, uh, give you an overview of what we’re about to do. so that we can, uh, delve into this topic about conquering our damaging habits and to be victorious on the other side, I’m going to give you guys some tools.

We’re going to go back and we’re going to get some, some, information some nuggets, some wisdoms. And then what we, my hope is that you will take these and that you will change your life because the purpose of this podcast is for you to become victorious in your life and that you will, recognize the stages or States that you’re in. And that was the purpose of, the book that I wrote with Radhe, Threads of Enlightenment. It basically talks about certain States, and once you recognize the States that you’re in, then you’re able to move forward and you begin to change your, your life. And those States that I had mentioned are each chapter, we try to focus on a state. And the first state that we talked about from the beginning of this podcast is self-love events solitude, unchecked emotions, forgiving others, attitudes of success, conquering your damaging giving of yourself is chapter seven, chapter eight is discovering your gift, how to begin using your gift and the power of words. And these States that you and I have to go and visit, in order to progress and to become a mature human spirit that we in turn can turn around and be of help be of guidance, be of support to someone else. The purpose of getting your deliverance is not to be selfish about it, but in turn to turn around and help someone that really truly needs it. Buddha’s little instruction book by Jack Cranfield is one of my tools that I had used to help me.

He spoke of the price of our judgment, you don’t have to believe your judgment. There are simply old habits one of his nugget from Buddha’s little instruction book. It says, “a day judging another is a painful day, a day, spent judging yourself is a painful day”. What he’s basically saying is that we have to stop looking at ourselves. We have to stop judging ourselves because of how the habits that we’ve developed that has caused us to behave certain ways. And you have to start looking for triggers in your life. There are emotional triggers, there’s environmental triggers, there are all kinds of different triggers that you have to, be a student of yourself and that way you can start making changes necessary to change your behaviors.

I believe conquering your bad habits, is a very critical part of your journey, you have to develop strategies, they say it takes roughly about 66 days to overcome or break a habit.

Join me at my podcast as we discuss some of those strategies.

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