Attitudes for Success

Whenever attitudes for success, is talk about, one must look at perspective. Perspective is key to you overcoming that situation that is before you. Having the right perspective will propel you out much faster than a wrong perspective. Let us look at the definition of what, we know as the classic definition of perspective, “the unique way in which a person sees something”. That something becomes especially important when, whatever situation present itself in your life. Good or bad, however, you look at it, your perspective of it will dictate your attitudes, and whatever attitudes you have in that situation will lead to your behavior and your behavior will determine your life results. Here is a little nugget that I have learned in my journey “attitudes can be adjusted, just smile and see”.

Sometime a genuine smile from someone can unhook from that recurring mental loop and gives you a chance to reset your perspective. Many of us don’t sometimes can’t seem to understand that in our quest for personal growth, self-sufficiency, freedom from our past and from negative thoughts, all the things that control us is where the battle is. I’m going to read a little from the book that Radhe and I wrote. Try a meditate on the insight that she had written about.  As far as attitudes, she said, “what is an attitude?” “An attitude is a womb of action to create success, to birth success”.

We must all go through the labor process. Our attitude is a vantage point, from which we see ourselves and the actions that affect our lives. This is really key to our, growth as human spirits. Along with other principles of personal growth such as forgiving others and all the others. I’m telling you guys, learning to control your attitudes is really something that you have to focus on.

Another thing that Radhe mention was that our “attitude is a canvas upon which we paint our thoughts”, the precursor of our actions, like an artist that makes a mistake, with the right perspective we can turn what people call a mistake into something else. A correct perspective can supercharge an attitude of success gives us the ability to turn that blunder, failure, mistake or whatever name we give it into a lesson.

A lesson that we can learn from and sometime down the road of life we could have the privilege and honor of teaching that lesson to someone else. Remember that so call mistakes can be seen as an obstacle in our journey to success, or it can be used as a building block to not only strengthen, but also heightened and strengthened the foundation upon which we stand.

There are so many studies out there that have been done, concerning attitudes of success. I know one of the things that I had to learn about how my attitude, really affects the way I process my thoughts, which forced me to learn how to utilize my critical thinking skills.

When we’re in a lot of pain, it becomes even harder for those critical thinking skills and a right attitude to come out. You have to basically put up a good fight, because this is about mental survival, your existence, your personal power to gain back all that was taken from you and trust me it is a fight. It’s basically a fight not against people, but against thoughts, perceptions of yourself, that unhealthy vision of yourself, that loop that we are constantly in because of what has been said or have been done to us. In many cases, we don’t know how to get out, but one of the very first things that we have to do, is take control of our perspective and attitude.

One of the very first thing is to begin using the ability to access our critical thinking skills and one of the principles of critical thinking is that of attitude of confidence, the stuff that when you look to your situation, to yourself, and begin to speak to yourself, talk to yourself by encouraging yourself, you need to develop a strong sense of confidence within yourself. You must develop a process of thinking independently from those thoughts that will come to you on a daily basis, minute by minute trying to keep convincing you of how you’re no good, you’re weak, you’re stupid, you know all those types of stuff that people have been telling you all your life.

I’m talking about all the stuff, the hurtful, self-defeating stuff leveled towards yourself. It started with someone outside of yourself and the day you accepted their opinion of you, maybe because you didn’t have someone in your life to encourage you this is now what you believe. But I’m here to tell you that you’re more than capable of gaining back your belief in and about you.

As a kid growing up in Guyana, I had my share of child abuse and as a young father I was on the road of repeating that cycle in my children, but I wanted a different life for both me and my children. I personally have been the person who was abused and the abuser and as the abuser I had to seek the forgiveness of my children as I began my journey of healing. Many of us got our belief and attitude about ourselves from this place of pain.

That why I said earlier that it’s a battle, you’re going to have to learn how to discipline your thoughts as I had to do. The goal is for you to come out of your situation, to utilizes the principle of an attitudes of preservation, the principle of developing an attitude of creativity, curiosity to dig deep and deal with all the ugly stuff, and then find that attitude of integrity that you know that you have towards yourself, which is in you, before someone stripped you of all your power.  After you have broken free from all of that and you’re standing tall, adapt the attitude of humility become humble as you now begin to rebuild, yourself.

As you embark on your journey make sure that you don’t forget all your tools, your attitudes stored within your body, your mind, your soul, and your spirit so that you can begin to use your skills of critical thinking to come out, because once you began to understand the relationship between your, perception, your attitudes, which actually leads you to your behaviors.

Sociologists have completed tons of studies, on attitude and the theories and attitudes of behavioral relationship, all these types of stuff are out there that you can read and study to bring you additional insights. The is an actual industry about attitudes, your attitude affects every aspect of your life, but it all starts with your perception which bridges to your attitude, which bridges to your behavior, understand that connection, and you’ll come out of your situation much faster.

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