The Power of Words

Word and what holds up our world. What we say is the key to making everything happen in our world. The power of words played an important part in your development. Words are what started us on our journey, word that people said to us and words that we believed.

In the process of personal growth this principle, we must take very seriously because words do affect us. Words are seeds that are planted by your parents, your grandparents, or whoever it is that have planted certain seeds into your spirit that grows and those seeds or deposited to your spirit by way of words.

King Solomon made a statement found in the Bible Proverbs 16:24 “pleasant words are as honeycomb sweet to the soul and the health to the bones”. According to the wisest man the words that you speak about yourself is either going to be good to your soul and health to your bones, so words carry in its power to heal. It’s very important what you say to yourself and, we’ve allowed peoples word to destroy us, now it’s our turn to use words to heal us. The two keys that you must keep a ongoing focus on is your words, and your perspective, you change those two things and you will be amazed at how your world will change.

Radhe makes a statement in the book Threads of Enlightenment that goes like this “Everything in existence tangible or not has a vibration, a frequency. Every sound, color, object and feeling possesses its own frequency”. Words also carries a frequency.  

We recently had a major incident that took place in our capital and the discussion on TV was whether words matter our not did it or did it not drove people to act and do certain things. I happen to believe that words do matter, or I would not have been in the mess that I found myself in, to say otherwise is just plain foolishness. Kind Solomon said in Proverbs 29:20 “A man that is hasty in his words, there’s more hope for a fool than him”

When it comes to learning about the power of word the Bible is a book full of principles of the power of words for example Proverbs 18:20 states “a man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth” From this we can extrapolate that what you say will affect your life and quality of life, as you speak words you begin to develop your perspective on what you’re saying.

As you continue to speak words, it creates a certain perspective of you as you begin to hear the words over and over again, it creates a certain perspective within you individual, and that perspective becomes your reality, that reality becomes your world and world now becomes your space, that you live, think, speak, do everything out of and from there. This is why words are so very important, you must understand that what you say to yourself is very important. Yet again I look to Solomon for his wisdom found in Proverbs 18:21 “death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof” The stakes are very high everyone, very high so learn to kind and gracious to yourself when you speak to yourself.  

Luke one of the disciples of Jesus says in Luke 6:45 “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. People put good things about yourself in your heart so that you can begin to speak good thing so that you can get healed from all you the mess that words have done to us. Jack Kornfield in Buddha’s little Instruction Book says “when words both true and kind, they can change our world”

Yet another nugget from Solomon from Ecclesiastes 10:12 “The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious, but the lips of a fool will swallow him up” I literally have nothing to add to that, but I suggest that you simply meditate on it and receive from it.


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How to begin Using your gift.

Today we going to talk about “Finding your gift” Once you have “discover your gift” it becomes very important that learn how to go about using that gift.  I’ve said before that once we are here on this planet to find our gift and then, beginning to use that gift.  I know it sounds pretty simple, begin using your gift, something like that, but there’s a lot of people that once they find out their gift, find it difficult to move from that place.

You would think that once they’ve located their gift, that they would be excited to get right into it but believe me I’ve met many people that become somewhat paralyzed with their, approach or just paralyze because they are overthinking but when you dig deeper, they are paralyzed because of fear.  Paralyzed because it makes you vulnerable to step outside of their comfort zone.

As began to discover you gift and find out what your gift is why let someone’s opinion of you or that they wouldn’t understand, what you’re doing what you’re about to do this is their problem. To be honest, it’s not your problem because each and every one of us have our own gift and it is our responsibility to find what it is and how to use it.

Many times, its someone else with a keen mind and spirit that notices your gift and try mention that the see this or that in you and they try to guide or help to develop you in order for you to begin using that gift. Maybe it was a parent, grandparent, friend or one of our many teachers that enter our lives.

In the book Threads of Enlightenment, the co-author Radhe make this profound statement “our gift is not something that we actually use, but rather it’s something that uses us”. WOW, let that sink into your soul. You will come to the same conclusion as I did, that it is so powerful. Let you gift begin to start using you, surrender all your fears and trust that your gift will protect your vulnerability from all that want you to fail.

Once you begin to move from that space, of fear to appraise a faith where you’re allowing your higher self to begin to guide you beyond your comfort zone. I tell people all the time “living from your purpose will always make you purposeful”.

Do you know why people are critical because they haven’t started their journey or anything. They’re just critical, they’re critical of their life, and because they are critical of their life, they become critical of yours. Let’s face it, many of those people don’t even know what their gifts are.

They haven’t even thought about or asked the questions you did to discover yours. The advice that I give everyone is take a step and another and another, while they’re saying to you, no, no, no, no, no, no, say within yourself yes, yes and keep moving towards your desired goal. Know that you will always have those kinds of people that will always disagree with you, but who cares to be honest, who really cares?

People that are on their journey of personal growth and self-development will always support you try and find those kind people to help encourage you from time to time because you may sometimes feel alone on that road of development but let me be the first to say that they’re many out here just like you. Your gift will take you to places and you will meet people that will continue to cause you to look deeper and causes you to be uncomfortable enough to keep you from being stagnant. Remember your journey is your journey, not your wife, husband, best friend, mother, father or anyone else. Its very special its yours and your special one of a kind. If you look at people who are very critical is because they’re looking at some else’s journey and making decision.

Let’s look at a perfect example, of someone not listening to what other people say Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln ran for office so many times that he lost in all this kind of races but imagine if he had listened to people what a different place America would be today.

You know, what about the founding fathers when they got together to put a document together called the Constitution of the United States what if they had listened to the naysayers who had gathered and told them no, they can’t do that. What a different place America would have been today.

What about Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, all of these personalities, if they had listened to other people and that, you know, step out and do an operate from their gift. I can’t even imagine what the world would be like today.


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Finding and Discovering your gift

Discovering your gifts is mainly your responsibility as an individual, especially if you’re pursuing personal growth and development. Many of us have lived our lives without ever knowing what that gift is and how to live from it and how it can help us to obtain peace of mind, joy and all the other things that comes as a result of living from there.

Whenever I talk to people about discovering their gift, they immediately begin to talk about one of their talents. Don’t get me wrong talents are important to recognize but in most cases that’s not the person’s gift. It is my hope that I can help you to begin the process of discovery of their gift.

Most people would look at any famous athlete, or performers and mistake their talent as their gift. Michael Jordan many would say call a gifted player, and some would look at many of the famous musicians operate from their gift but I’m here to tell you that not everyone that plays basketball is gifted in playing basketball, and the same goes for some performers about singing and performing. People can be gifted in so many different things, but we tend to just focus on sports and so forth, but they’re very gifted businessmen and women out there.

When you speak to a person who is aware of their gift and is doing it, there’s this joy the permeate from them as they open their mouth to speak in whatever they do. There’s a tangible excitement, a special energy emanates from them, the only way that you can express it is simply joy, passion.

There’s a passion. It’s my belief that everyone have a gift and we need to truly search deep within ourselves to find it. Let me give you some examples from both sport and entertainment. Michael Jackson is a perfect example, he was one of the most talented people that we knew but his gift was performing, his gift was, he was a performer. Prince was another example.

I used to say it to my children close your eyes and picture yourself you’re the richest person on the planet. What would you do? And of course, they would say what most of us would say.  I’ll spend this and buy that, the accumulation of stuff, but I would instruct them to look deeper than just that, that’s surface stuff. What would you do with your time? What would, make you happy? Where’s your passion?

Those are the types of questions that I asked them and caused them to dig deeper. Today my sons are doing their passion. I would say to them, “find your passionate and be passionate about it”.

I would also tell them, if you want to be a garbage man be passionate about it and learn how to be the best that you can find out how you can utilize your gift of loving to deal with garbage as a garbage man. How can you sustain your family and yourself to a place where you can, you can enjoy yourself and be joyous. One of the things that I would say is that “the time you spend in this world not looking for your gift is only a lifetime”.

There’s lots of people out there that haven’t never begun to even consider anything about finding their gift as in the Matrix, many never really unplug.

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Giving of yourself

At this site we deal with the process of becoming healed from whatever situation we’ve gotten ourselves into due to all the decisions that we have made during our life. Here at this site, we’re dedicated to help both you and I to become a mature human spirit by applying principles of self-growth or Enlightenment.

In this blog we’re now looking at the principle of “Giving of yourself”. Giving back is such a beautiful thing, in-fact it’s a powerful tool in the quiver of personal growth and enlightenment. In every area that we live in today are looking for volunteers to help in different areas, from working with the Salvation Army, homeless shelters, different community organizations, big brother or sister. There’s nothing like the feeling of being a mentor to a young person sharing and giving of yourself. If you can lift your head and look at the current situation in our world today with the pandemic, maybe giving some groceries to a neighbor, check on your elderly person just to name a few thing that we can do, all of these are noble in it own right but the giving of yourself that I’m talking about is much deeper.

The process of giving of yourself. A quote from Jack Kronfield book Buddha’s little Instruction book, goes like this “if you know the power of a generous heart, you will not let a single opportunity for giving pass you by”. Simply a powerful thing. Notice what he says, “a generous heart”. As you begin to go through your process of healing certain changes begin to happen to you and within you.  Once you began to heal and grow from that person that was broken to someone that is much stronger to someone that is able to now stand up and smile you begin to notice a different much stronger but yet a kindness, humbleness and yes, a generous heart.  I would even go a little further by saying we should try to develop the heart of a servant. Those that have a servant heart, versus those that have a generous heart, a servant heart is one that is going to serve the needs of the people, and the generous heart is a little different material.

You see someone with a generous heart are those that give but a servant is someone who servers by getting down in the mud as they say. There’s a principle in the Bible that states “Give and it shall be given to you” Luke 6:38. The giver in never not going to receive in return.  I tell people all the time, “those who give of themselves are never self-less”.

As we continue to be release from the prison of pain and hurt that, was inflicted upon us by whoever, that person or group of people that has caused you to be in that situation.

Remember from where you came from to become a person with either a gracious heart or a servant heart. I don’t know what you would call that, but I would call it personal growth, you have learned to forgive yourself, you have learned to not believe what someone says about you, their opinion of you have walked through in a place of solitude and you have gone through whatever process to gain your strength that you may see. You could stand and look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, I love you. I love you. You are not perfect, but I love you.

And that place where you have learned you visited where you were learned to forgive that person or those people that have caused you to be in that darkness, where you can look at them and say, you know, I don’t have any grudges against you and truly mean that from this new place in your heart, where you have gone through all the place and, you have made the adjustment to your attitudes.


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Conquering Damaging Habits

Conquering damaging habits, will continue to be a life journey, as we’re all aware that habits good or bad do govern our lives and produce our lifestyle.  They are what we witness ourselves and how people see you and make judgements because of how we behave. These habits that we have developed which formed the results of our decisions.

I have a saying that, I would tell people “all of our habits good or bad have made us who we are today”.  It is our profession to learn and identify and conquer all damaging habits in our lives. I had to do it in my life, and you will have to do the same. It is a sobering place to have to visit and, deal with all your darkness in your heart a place to be honest with yourself, you actually have to be honest with yourself here in this aspect and in this part of your development.

There are studies out there that shows how our habits damages our brains. I know that you’re familiar with some of those basic habits that we do that as a result damaged brains out there, there’s studies out there, that not eating breakfast, overreacting smoking, high sugar consumption, those are just stuff to affect our brains. And then there are habits that affect our behaviors, these we have to learn how to conquer them.

The word that I use is conquering and conquering has an implication with a meaning to overcome, to be victorious over. And there’s a reason why I said, conquering, I use the term conquering damaging habits because, it’s not like you’re breaking your habit. It’s much more involved in that. And so, you have to learn how to be to judge yourself with love, but with a deep sense of honesty, and recognizing that where you are, in your development stage in your life, and that you want to move on from this particular area in your life.

I recommend taking inventory of life and how you got where you are, what habits and decisions. Ask yourself probing questions such as what caused you to be in this place? Was it a result of hurt?  It is known that things like stress, and boredom, all these types of stuff, help causes, us to develop bad habits. So far those are just surface stuff, I think, but there’s more, you know, there’s a 99% of us, have self-destructive behaviors.

And so, those behaviors came about as a result of those habits, because like I said, your habits will take you to your behaviors and you’re going to behave a certain way, based on your habits. I just wanted to, uh, go in and, uh, give you an overview of what we’re about to do. so that we can, uh, delve into this topic about conquering our damaging habits and to be victorious on the other side, I’m going to give you guys some tools.

We’re going to go back and we’re going to get some, some, information some nuggets, some wisdoms. And then what we, my hope is that you will take these and that you will change your life because the purpose of this podcast is for you to become victorious in your life and that you will, recognize the stages or States that you’re in. And that was the purpose of, the book that I wrote with Radhe, Threads of Enlightenment. It basically talks about certain States, and once you recognize the States that you’re in, then you’re able to move forward and you begin to change your, your life. And those States that I had mentioned are each chapter, we try to focus on a state. And the first state that we talked about from the beginning of this podcast is self-love events solitude, unchecked emotions, forgiving others, attitudes of success, conquering your damaging giving of yourself is chapter seven, chapter eight is discovering your gift, how to begin using your gift and the power of words. And these States that you and I have to go and visit, in order to progress and to become a mature human spirit that we in turn can turn around and be of help be of guidance, be of support to someone else. The purpose of getting your deliverance is not to be selfish about it, but in turn to turn around and help someone that really truly needs it. Buddha’s little instruction book by Jack Cranfield is one of my tools that I had used to help me.

He spoke of the price of our judgment, you don’t have to believe your judgment. There are simply old habits one of his nugget from Buddha’s little instruction book. It says, “a day judging another is a painful day, a day, spent judging yourself is a painful day”. What he’s basically saying is that we have to stop looking at ourselves. We have to stop judging ourselves because of how the habits that we’ve developed that has caused us to behave certain ways. And you have to start looking for triggers in your life. There are emotional triggers, there’s environmental triggers, there are all kinds of different triggers that you have to, be a student of yourself and that way you can start making changes necessary to change your behaviors.

I believe conquering your bad habits, is a very critical part of your journey, you have to develop strategies, they say it takes roughly about 66 days to overcome or break a habit.

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Attitudes for Success

Whenever attitudes for success, is talk about, one must look at perspective. Perspective is key to you overcoming that situation that is before you. Having the right perspective will propel you out much faster than a wrong perspective. Let us look at the definition of what, we know as the classic definition of perspective, “the unique way in which a person sees something”. That something becomes especially important when, whatever situation present itself in your life. Good or bad, however, you look at it, your perspective of it will dictate your attitudes, and whatever attitudes you have in that situation will lead to your behavior and your behavior will determine your life results. Here is a little nugget that I have learned in my journey “attitudes can be adjusted, just smile and see”.

Sometime a genuine smile from someone can unhook from that recurring mental loop and gives you a chance to reset your perspective. Many of us don’t sometimes can’t seem to understand that in our quest for personal growth, self-sufficiency, freedom from our past and from negative thoughts, all the things that control us is where the battle is. I’m going to read a little from the book that Radhe and I wrote. Try a meditate on the insight that she had written about.  As far as attitudes, she said, “what is an attitude?” “An attitude is a womb of action to create success, to birth success”.

We must all go through the labor process. Our attitude is a vantage point, from which we see ourselves and the actions that affect our lives. This is really key to our, growth as human spirits. Along with other principles of personal growth such as forgiving others and all the others. I’m telling you guys, learning to control your attitudes is really something that you have to focus on.

Another thing that Radhe mention was that our “attitude is a canvas upon which we paint our thoughts”, the precursor of our actions, like an artist that makes a mistake, with the right perspective we can turn what people call a mistake into something else. A correct perspective can supercharge an attitude of success gives us the ability to turn that blunder, failure, mistake or whatever name we give it into a lesson.

A lesson that we can learn from and sometime down the road of life we could have the privilege and honor of teaching that lesson to someone else. Remember that so call mistakes can be seen as an obstacle in our journey to success, or it can be used as a building block to not only strengthen, but also heightened and strengthened the foundation upon which we stand.

There are so many studies out there that have been done, concerning attitudes of success. I know one of the things that I had to learn about how my attitude, really affects the way I process my thoughts, which forced me to learn how to utilize my critical thinking skills.

When we’re in a lot of pain, it becomes even harder for those critical thinking skills and a right attitude to come out. You have to basically put up a good fight, because this is about mental survival, your existence, your personal power to gain back all that was taken from you and trust me it is a fight. It’s basically a fight not against people, but against thoughts, perceptions of yourself, that unhealthy vision of yourself, that loop that we are constantly in because of what has been said or have been done to us. In many cases, we don’t know how to get out, but one of the very first things that we have to do, is take control of our perspective and attitude.

One of the very first thing is to begin using the ability to access our critical thinking skills and one of the principles of critical thinking is that of attitude of confidence, the stuff that when you look to your situation, to yourself, and begin to speak to yourself, talk to yourself by encouraging yourself, you need to develop a strong sense of confidence within yourself. You must develop a process of thinking independently from those thoughts that will come to you on a daily basis, minute by minute trying to keep convincing you of how you’re no good, you’re weak, you’re stupid, you know all those types of stuff that people have been telling you all your life.

I’m talking about all the stuff, the hurtful, self-defeating stuff leveled towards yourself. It started with someone outside of yourself and the day you accepted their opinion of you, maybe because you didn’t have someone in your life to encourage you this is now what you believe. But I’m here to tell you that you’re more than capable of gaining back your belief in and about you.

As a kid growing up in Guyana, I had my share of child abuse and as a young father I was on the road of repeating that cycle in my children, but I wanted a different life for both me and my children. I personally have been the person who was abused and the abuser and as the abuser I had to seek the forgiveness of my children as I began my journey of healing. Many of us got our belief and attitude about ourselves from this place of pain.

That why I said earlier that it’s a battle, you’re going to have to learn how to discipline your thoughts as I had to do. The goal is for you to come out of your situation, to utilizes the principle of an attitudes of preservation, the principle of developing an attitude of creativity, curiosity to dig deep and deal with all the ugly stuff, and then find that attitude of integrity that you know that you have towards yourself, which is in you, before someone stripped you of all your power.  After you have broken free from all of that and you’re standing tall, adapt the attitude of humility become humble as you now begin to rebuild, yourself.

As you embark on your journey make sure that you don’t forget all your tools, your attitudes stored within your body, your mind, your soul, and your spirit so that you can begin to use your skills of critical thinking to come out, because once you began to understand the relationship between your, perception, your attitudes, which actually leads you to your behaviors.

Sociologists have completed tons of studies, on attitude and the theories and attitudes of behavioral relationship, all these types of stuff are out there that you can read and study to bring you additional insights. The is an actual industry about attitudes, your attitude affects every aspect of your life, but it all starts with your perception which bridges to your attitude, which bridges to your behavior, understand that connection, and you’ll come out of your situation much faster.

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