Forgiving Others

Welcome to threads of enlightenment. Forgiving others. Forgiveness is one of the principles of personal growth, Thank you so much for joining me to continue our conversation about the process of, personal growth and to learn how to become the masters of ourselves.

In the last blog I spoke about Unchecked emotions. The reason why I use that title for a chapter was because, we have a tendency of not truly being aware of what emotions are in the sense of how they causes us to be controlled by what I call states. States are were we make decisions that causes much harm and pain. Unchecked emotions will lead us to enter into a state of hatefulness. And it has caused us to become, stuck in states that are harmful to our spirit, soul and bodies.

I want to focus a little about forgiving, forgiveness or forgiving others. In chapter four in my book, “Threads of Enlightenment” I discuss this in-debt. I look at it more like a manual for you to take a look at and identify where you’re located what state are you currently live, in what state you’re in mentally, spiritually, and physically reside at the moment so that you can make the decision to move forward and hopefully it can guide you to the places that you need to go in order that you would become a mature human spirit.

It is very important that we learn these principles because, each one of these take us to another level of our development. “Learn to let go,It is the beginning of your beginnings”. It is entirely our responsibility, to desire our deliverance from pain and the same old same old we have to take responsibility after someone has committed erroneous actions against us. We have to come to a place where we take, the responsibility for our lives to put it back in order to, to now recreate something new, something stronger, something wiser, something, not as weak and defeated.

The principle of forgiving others takes away their power, that they have over us for so long. I suggest that if you have kids you need to grab that book because, it has some wonderful, nuggets in there for us. He talks about how forgiveness is essential for growth and healing, and that is why we need to forgive. Forgiveness is essential for our growth and for our healing, we have to take back our authority, our power from those that stripped it away from us through, whatever hateful behavior, whatever they’ve done to us.

Many of you have gone through horrific situations in your life. I know my rejection came from family, from my parents. And so I had to learn how to push through that. I’d mentioned briefly that, as a young adult in college. The memory of that pain will come and I would cry as a, as a young man I would find a place to hide and to go through that emotional pain and to begin to figure out a way how to, manage it. We must remember and realized that it is our responsibility to what is necessary to change. “Change is not change until you’ve changed” ,

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