Unchecked Emotions

Welcome to threads of enlightenment. Unchecked emotions. All of us a have suffered some type of trauma that has caused us to act and live a certain way. As a young boy, who grew up in Guyana I had an incident in my life that caused much pain and much hurt. As a result I made decisions from that state that govern my entire life and relationships, decisions that was not good for my life in any fashion but self preservation. I was simply holding it together, until the memory of day would come rushing into the forefront of my mind at that point everything would fall apart. This is not an uncommon thing, many of you have the same experience as I, the only difference was the situation that caused you the pain.

I know this is one of thing, as human beings we have to deal with all of these emotions, we refers to these as our demons and in some ways that’s absolute what those Unchecked Emotions are. In my case my demons would appear to me suddenly while I was in college. The memories for some reason kept coming frequently. Looking back I can clearly see that it was my time to deal with or face my demons.

I was being forced to deal with the hopelessness, the shame, the pain, the feeling of loneliness, the hate, the unforgiveness all because of a decision someone had made to treat me as a child, as a grown man, my memories of that incident would send me in a panic and I would look for an area to hide,somewhere, anywhere so that can find a way to try to deal with this overwhelming emotions. I would just cry and cry and cry because it was so overpowering.

If our emotions go unchecked it becomes very powerful and dangerous in some case people take their own life as a result. It is very, very serious, and necessary to face your demons and learn how to conquer them all first for your sake, your families and friends. If do not take this serious we are not going to be able to pursue any type of peace and happiness. Let me be very clear it is a tremendous battle to fight and claim your own identity once you’ve being damage. It’s a battle for your survival as an individual for your spirit, your soul, which consist of your mind and your emotions, to heal in order to deal with your situation. And so many of us have not dealt with it, and we have brought husbands, wives and children. We bring them into our situation and we respond to them through our pain and hurt, as a result we damage our mate and children and continue that process in our families from generation to generation

Anger was one of my demons that I had to deal with as an individual, and I had to learn how to master it. I had to develop a strategy to learn how to exercise them out of my life so that I can become more effective as human spirits, so that I can continue to grow and become who I was originally intended to become by the creator. I love reading Buddha’s little instruction by Jack Cornfield to my children when they were little kids, as much as it was for them I was learning along with them. He makes a statement that has help both my children and I “the spirit of man is like a garden. It can grow love, it can grow a bitterness, fear or faith. What seeds will you plant there?” What our parents or whoever caused us that trauma at some point we must decide that in order to move on ,we have to deal with that issues. We must begin to plant seeds that we want into our garden so that they may bear fruit that we want.

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Welcome to threads of enlightenment. Solitude. When I say the word solitude, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? A lot of people, first thought is a cabin in the woods, others being on a mountain somewhere unreachable, other in a tent camping, others by water on a beach somewhere. But solitude is more importantly about communing with yourself, searching the inner most parts of your, spirit and soul. I would like to introduce you to one of the great mysteries that, is available to everyone of us, but most people are totally afraid to start practicing the art of meditation. People all around us move and operate using mediation. People like martial artists, athletes, yoga practitioners, yogi, and of course the sages of old Personally, I’ve been doing meditation for over 20 years. I remember when I first started how confusing it was for me, but I’ve learn to love my solitude time. I love the fact that I have learned to enjoy my time. It’s a place of much self infliction and reflection, looking at myself, looking hard, and being honest at some of the dark places that are in me, the dark things, the dark places I’m talking about are my attitudes, my behavior, some of the habits, those dark habits that you and I have, practice for so many years.

In our Western culture, a lot of people are afraid of being alone or meditating, they really are, some people can’t seem to disconnect from their phones, TVs, or even from people as well. You know the type, they have to be around people all the time. Most of them are afraid of being by himself and they don’t understand that, that’s the place where you obtain your victory, that’s where you become a better listener, lots of people don’t understand that meditation helps to learn to listen, especially listening to inner self.

Listening to that spirit man that has been inundated with false information withing you caused by circumstances of life, circumstances at work, our relationships with loves ones, friends , your TV, your phone that you carry with you now that it gives you access to everything such as social media and you can go on and on and on. They’re studies now that shows that people are mentally, psychologically, and emotionally all of these things we are getting hooked on. It is the new drugs, the new high, and people go through serious withdrawals, If you take their phones away from them, they will lose their minds.

In some cases who knows, they would probably harm to you. Today, one of the things that parents will do to punish a kid or a child, is to take their phones away and you could see how depressed they get, and begin to start behaving outlandish.

We need solitude to learn, it is the missing ingredient, we need to learn to include meditation in our quiver in order for us to begin our journey to become better individual, a stronger person one that you’re proud of. You need to understand how special you are, how you’re one of kind on this planet. I keep telling people that when I started my journey, I had to learn how special I was. I’d walk around and, and tell people that I am one of a kind, I am an endangered species, and I’m an endangered species, I became mindful of how I allowed people to speak to me, how I allowed , um, friends , families , uh, everyone, my boss, how I allow people to engage with me, I became a guardian because I didn’t want them to damage my soul and spirit. I understood that they can cause me much pain in whatever form that comes emotional, physical, or whatever. So as you begin to learn the value of who you are, as we take this journey, at threads of enlightenment, the process, in which one becomes a better human spirit.

Join me at my podcast where we go deeper into the principles of self development.