Principles of Self Development

My goal is to walk in the principles of self-development that we would look to no other. Still, to help us grow and change our lives in this current time that we have with the pandemic and all the uncertainties that are out there in the world today, we need to look to ourselves to gain answers to better our self-development.

It’s our responsibility when we’re born until the time we die first to develop ourselves. Most of us are trapped due to whatever information was deposited in us by our grandparents, parents, teachers, friends, your college, professors, the church, society as a whole all of these entities would have some input and or influences on your development. Based on the type of input that each of these groups deposited into you, your belief system would be formed and set to live a certain way. It becomes our responsibility to navigate all of these to find out who we truly are—the REAL YOU.

Things that people said to us as we were growing up, and we’re coming into our own, as they say, our parents and grandparents, the ones closest to us, have the most influence upon us. They deposit their belief into us and, in most cases, their lack of understanding of who they are and how they play a part in our soul development. Most of our family members have their demons to deal with; none of them really learned how to conquer or rise above the family curses. The bible calls it the “Sins of the Father.” Many of them usually say things from a place of ignorance, words that do and definitely will hurt you and cause you much pain and cause your emotions such as pain and hurt to lead you into a state of depression, resentment, and even hate.

From these states, we believe and live from a place of low self-esteem. Usually, we tend to internalize all the words that our parents, grandparents, etc. These are just some of the things that they say to us, “you will grow up to be nothing,” you are not smart, you’re an idiot, you’re so dumb, or stupid. Some of us are lucky to have parents that tell us that we can do anything, we can be a CEO, Doctor, they tell us that we can do anything we put our minds to which we can. Once we believe this, we usually achieve it because that’s how the soul and human spirit were designed to work. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says “that all things are possible to the believing man.” So then the onus and the responsibility are on us and what we do with that belief system.

And that is the key to how our personal growth is developed through our belief system, what was and have been deposited in that belief system, whether as I mentioned, our parents, teachers, or society, whatever was deposited either positive or negative in that belief system will then manifest. This process starts from your thoughts; your thoughts become your speech, and whatever you begin to confess will become things that you will believe. And then, once you believe it, you begin to act on it, and it bears fruit.

I intend to learn to lean on each other and guide each other with the wisdom, insights, and understanding that you have gained in your life and the same that I’ve gained in mine and that we can encourage each other at this crucial time in our society. As humans, we tend to begin our journey of self-development while going through something dramatic.

I was about 35 years old when I went through my divorce. And one of the things that I learned in that journey was that I had to learn to embrace the darkness. “Embrace the moment of darkness because it is in the darkness that we learn to develop and use our ability to truly see those parts of ourselves often invisible to us in the light” There’s a lot that is packed into that, many years of pain, produced that revelation.

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